From Cedar Weaving to Science: notes from Bella Bella, January 2016

Students show off their woven cedar mats.

Bella Bella Community School has had a busy winter full of interesting SEAS programming. Just some of the activities we've been up to include:


The High School Outdoors Club went for a hike up the mountain, and began our job-shadowing opportunities with our Resource Management Department again. The first trip was to the Emily Lake hatchery with the Guardian Watchman program. We are also continuing with our Wednesday lunch meetings, with a focus on skills such as knife sharpening and fire-building.


Elroy White, Heiltsuk archaeologist, visited seven classes to talk about his work. He brought stone tools, animal bones, and photographs to share with the students.


Four Grade 11/12 students had the opportunity to attend the “6th Annual Aboriginal Students in Math and Science Workshop” at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. We saw six presenters and got a guided tour of the SFU campus. We also went to visit the Museum of Anthropology at UBC.


Student walks exploring themes such as seasonal change, habitats, local resources, and weather.


The Grade 4 class completed their final project for their Habitats unit, creating an imaginary creature and its habitat, complete with adaptations and features to support the creature’s needs.

Cedar Weaving.

Our grade 4 and 4/5 classes learned cedar weaving from community elders.


Our Grade 4/5 class learned about local animals, animal signs, and tracking, and shared their learning and mural project with the Grade 1 class.

Scientific Inquiry.

Our Grade 5/6 class learned how to carry out a scientific experiment with some fun activities such as marshmallow structures and floating paperclips.


Our grade 7 class learned about ecology and the different ecozones of B.C.